Waking up in paradise

Can this be real? I used to ask myself that all the time, it’s been a solid three years since we made our new home state Florida and being from New England we didn’t have views like this looking out our windows. While we had a big backyard and sometimes saw deer and other wildlife back there it wasn’t what I always dreamt of.. it was this.

I used to dream of what it would be like to wake up to the warmth and beauty of sunshine every morning and how different our lives would be if we had a house on the water like we had talked about but I remember everyone always telling us “it’ll never happen”, “you guys are never moving” and all the “ya rights” .. for a small timeframe I sorta convinced myself that they may be right. Nonetheless I always kept that want in my back pocket.

Sure enough in January 2015 we made the journey to Florida to our new home! It was surreal, and to this day even working full time each day when I wake up and look out at the water or I cross the bridges to and from work looking out over the boat traffic it feels like I’m on vacation. I say this because that’s what makes me know it’s right. I may be a New England girl but I love the southern Florida world. The combination of salty air, daily sunshine, the beach at our fingertips and all the fun things this area has to offer us is good for my soul.

Do we miss our family and friends back north, of course but it makes visits that much more special and in exchange we have met some wonderful people here.

We have seen some of the most beautiful sunsets, caught our dinner in our backyard, enjoyed boating in the Gulf of Mexico, playing at the beach and I especially love the fresh blooms and fruit trees that grow year round. There’s always an adventure waiting. Some of the many reasons this feels like our own paradise.


So I say this, if you don’t wake up every morning and feel like you live in your Paradise, don’t let go of your dream for something better because it CAN happen! Do what makes you happy, wherever that is.

I’d love to hear where “Paradise” is for you!

2018: New Year, New Blog

Here I am… in my early 30’s, okay who am I kidding, late 30’s… finally writing my first blog post.  It’s been a long time coming my friends, I’ve dragged my feet for the past five or so years to get to this point and I guess I could give you all the excuses in the world but I think the biggest one is kids! Those of us that have them know that when we set out to do something it never goes as planned, there’s always a curve ball thrown in there and so is the case with my wanting to do a blog.  The desire has been there but the time hasn’t….until now! I’ve decided to be a little selfish this year and spend more time on myself both mentally and physically so one of my hopes for the new year was to dive into blogging. Here you’ll see me post about parenthood, marriage, friendship, my love for fashion, interior design and of course all things Sunshine State because Florida is our home sweet home! Thanks for following along, I hope you enjoy what I have to share! I welcome your questions and comments.

PS. If you have a blog share the link in comments, I’d love to follow along!