Our #Capersrehab

Before picturesBefore pictures

Today marks 3 years since the first night we slept in our new Florida home for the first time so I thought it would be fun to look back at where we started to see just how far it’s come! You see we bought this house basically site unseen and flew down for the inspection, when we walked in the door my jaw dropped and I wasn’t sure we had made the best decision. It took mostly me to really get a vision of what we could do. My husband Matt was confident this could be something great! What you saw above was just a tiny bit of the shape this house was in! Here’s more:

Everything on the exterior was screaming to be cleaned and painted and the landscape was so overgrown the view of the canal was almost non-existent. On the inside it stunk, it was dark, dirty and depressing but we new we wanted to live on the water and this location was prime so we dove head first into turning this ratchet home into our #capersrehab.

Matt is one of the handiest men I know, jack of all trades and even our son will tell you, daddy can fix anything! I’m not kidding, everything in our home now was done by him except the pool install and the kitchen cabinets. In most cases I have the vision and he makes it come to life, it’s the best to see it all come together. Of course my favorite part is when the labor is finished so I can start decorating. Here is a before and after of the arches he removed and all the crown mounding he installed throughout the house! And the floor… he removed all those Spanish tiles himself then laid all the new!

Our kitchen is the center of our house, where all the fun happens, the conversations with family and friends, the laughs and memories and of course the cooking and eating so we designed it to have an oversized island to be able to enjoy it even more!

Give me allllll the white and I’m happy! I love things that are bright, light and airy to give it that new and open feel. I like to call our home coastal farmhouse (not sure if that’s a thing, if not it is now!) My favorite thing about decor is DIY, repurposing and finding things that are more one of a kind rather than what everyone has already! In our home you’ll find pieces from the vintage market places, consignment and thrift stores and even the side of the road like this sofa table we picked up and refinished!

So many projects have come to life here and we can finally say it’s starting to feel more like home! As you know it’s ever evolving, there’s always something to do or change but it’s been fun to see this transformation and even more fun to look back at where we started! Here are a few more before and afters!

By the way, if you know anyone at HGTV that wants a FL based home improvement show we are ready and already have a name! #Capersrehab

So happy Home Anniversary to us!! I look forward to even more updates!

Seatless on Sunday

This weekend was busy like other with cleaning and playing around the house, a kids birthday party, groceries, yada, yada, yada… but for some reason yesterday both my husband and I set out to start decluttering and made a plan to start listing stuff for sale that we haven’t used, no longer use or it’s just taking up space. Most of mine was shoes and kids stuff! If your a women’s size 8 I’ve got some shoes you may love!

We have been talking for months about wanting a new living room set but kept going back and forth on if we should wait for the kids to get a little older so they don’t ruin it…. but last night he said we should list it and get rid of it so this morning on a whim, we did! I couldn’t believe the amount of responses we got so fast, people practically fighting over it. Less than 2 hours after I posted it someone was at our house with a trailer and cash in hand.. off it went! So there we are with an empty living room and nowhere to sit on a Sunday!

Of course there are worse problems to have right but the challenge is what to buy now! I went on a hunt this afternoon and found lots of options but couldn’t decide! I would love some feedback on places, brands, what you like and dislike etc! How did you pick out your living room set? Here are some of the things I liked:

I’m excited to continue our hunt for the right pieces and show you what we end up with! Has anyone ordered furniture online and it been successful? Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our living room makeover!