Sunday Sunshine

Today we unintentionally spent the entire first half of the day by the pool and it was so nice! The weather was perfect, so perfect that a little relaxing in the sun turned into both kids splashing and swimming in the pool. We don’t have a pool heater so the water is a bit chilly but it didn’t bother them a bit!

Our son, age 5 is quite the swimmer and would stay in all day if he could. Our daughter just turned 2 in December but also shares a love for the water and showed now fear hopping in and swimming to me! They tossed the beach ball around, splashed, jumped and giggled for a solid couple of hours.

Sometimes we need these kinds of days, where you just play it by ear with no plans, no hustling around, cleaning out on hold and just soaking up the sunshine! The kids had such a great time and I look forward to many more weekends spent in and by the pool as the weather (and the pool water) keeps getting warmer! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Cheers to a new week ahead!

Seatless on Sunday

This weekend was busy like other with cleaning and playing around the house, a kids birthday party, groceries, yada, yada, yada… but for some reason yesterday both my husband and I set out to start decluttering and made a plan to start listing stuff for sale that we haven’t used, no longer use or it’s just taking up space. Most of mine was shoes and kids stuff! If your a women’s size 8 I’ve got some shoes you may love!

We have been talking for months about wanting a new living room set but kept going back and forth on if we should wait for the kids to get a little older so they don’t ruin it…. but last night he said we should list it and get rid of it so this morning on a whim, we did! I couldn’t believe the amount of responses we got so fast, people practically fighting over it. Less than 2 hours after I posted it someone was at our house with a trailer and cash in hand.. off it went! So there we are with an empty living room and nowhere to sit on a Sunday!

Of course there are worse problems to have right but the challenge is what to buy now! I went on a hunt this afternoon and found lots of options but couldn’t decide! I would love some feedback on places, brands, what you like and dislike etc! How did you pick out your living room set? Here are some of the things I liked:

I’m excited to continue our hunt for the right pieces and show you what we end up with! Has anyone ordered furniture online and it been successful? Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our living room makeover!